Revue TAL: Linguistic Diversity in NLP (62-3)

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Each paper submitted to a thematic issue is reviewed by two external reviewers and a member of the TAL journal's editorial board. The list of members of the journal's editorial board is available at

For a thematic issue, the external scientific committee is listed below. As a reminder, this external scientific committee must not contain members of the TAL journal's editorial board.

Guest editors:

  • Aarne Ranta (University of Gothenburg)
  • Cyril Goutte (NRC Canada)

Invited editorial committee (tbc) :

  • Francis Tyers (Indiana U.)
  • Laurent Besacier (Naver Labs)
  • Laurette Pretorius (U. South Africa)
  • Leila Kosseim (U. Concordia, Montréal)
  • Marie-Odile Junker (Carleton U.)
  • Marine Carpuat (U. Maryland, College Park)
  • Mathieu Mangeot (U. Grenoble)
  • Mona Diab (George Washinton U.)
  • Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Bombay)
  • Trond Trosterud (U. Tromsø)
  • Wanjiku Nganga (U Nairobi)
  • Yannick Parmentier (U. Lorraine)
  • Yves Scherrer (U. Helsinki)
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